Smart phone sales surpass desktop sales ahead of schedule

The internet world shifted on its axis last year. Did you feel it?

In early 2011, some pundits were estimating that smart phone sales would outstrip desktop PC sales by 2014:

mobile use chart 2011
This chart was released in April 2011.

Before the end of the year, they were proven wrong. Or at least, too far sighted.

In February of 2012, international technology analyst Canalis reported that smart phone sales had surpassed desktop sales in the last quarter of 2011. A couple other interesting stats:

mobile use chart 2012
This infographic published July 9, 2012.

What does that mean for your website? It had better be mobile ready.

How can you tell, even if you don’t have a smartphone or iPad? Minimize your browser window; grab it on the right edge and squish it down to about the width of a notepad or smartphone. Is the navigation still visible? Do the major elements rearrange themselves to fit the resized window? If so, good news! Your website is “responsive” — i.e., mobile-friendly.

If not, you’re stuck in 2010.

Need help? Check out my reviews of free responsive WordPress templates, and premium ones. Better yet, contact me!


2011 infographic via Digital Buzz.

2012 infographic via Digital Buzz.

Report announcing smart phones overtake PC’s in 2011, via Canalys.

photo credit: Johan Larsson via photopin cc


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