Harvest for time tracking and invoicing

If you are a free lancer, independent contractor, small business owner, or anyone who needs to track hours and/or expenses and bill clients, check out Harvest.

I am not prone to hyperbole or hype, and I am dead serious when I say I love – love – love – LOVE Harvest!

I’ve been using it since 2008. It’s never caused me cursing or gnashing of teeth. It has brilliant usability, it’s flexible, it’s well-designed. It makes tracking time and expenses painless, and creating and sending invoices unbelievably easy. Seriously: five or six clicks takes me from looking at the starting page to having already emailed the bill to my client. I can see at a glance how much I have in receivables, who’s late and by how much. It can set up recurring invoices that bill automatically.

Another thing to love? So affordable! The basic solo package is only $12 a month!

I know this sounds like an ad. And yes, I get a little something back if you buy through my link, but this raving fanaticism is based solely on how much I love this product!



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