How to create a PayPal button on a WordPress site.


If you use the standard approach to creating a PayPal button on a site, WordPress strips out some of the code, and the button won’t work. (The standard process works fine on a site. Log in to your PayPall account, click the “Merchant Services” tab, and follow the prompts from there.)

However, there is a simple way to create a “Buy Now” button so that it will work correctly on a site.

Choose a button image to use. Here are a few addresses of images you may find suitable:

To download it, right-click on your chosen image and choose “Save image as.” Then save it to wherever you like. (You could also create your own button, if you’re handy like that.)

Now, do the following:

1. Log in to your PayPal account at

2. Click the “Merchant Services” tab.

3. Click the large button that says, “Create payment buttons for your website.”

4. Choose the type of button you’d like to create, and complete the form.

4.5 – IMPORTANT: Do NOT do anything with the “Customize button” box. Doing so will create code that invalidates this method.

5. Click the yellow “Create Button” at the bottom of the form.

6. ALSO IMPORTANT: Don’t use the HTML code in the first box you see. Click the “Email” tab, then select and copy that code.

Now, go back to the WordPress window, and on the page (or post) editor screen, insert the button image (the one you downloaded earlier), just as you would any other image. While still in the image upload window, look for the field titled “Link URL”, and paste the PayPal email link there. Click “Update” in the image upload window, click “Update” on your page or post editing screen, and you should now have a fully functioning “Buy Now” button on your site.


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