Event Espresso: Event management and registration

I’ve been researching event registration plug-ins for WordPress, and have settled on Event Espresso as the most promising option.

It offers several different license levels with different feature packages, but while they list pricing options and features on separate pages, they don’t seem to have that information integrated into one chart anywhere on the Event Espresso website. But there is one hidden within the back end, so I’ve recreated that here for you.

Event Espresso License Levels and PricesEvent Espresso license and pricing options

Learn more here.

By Jana Snyder


Disclosure: I am an affiliate and may receive a commission for sales made through some of the links in the post — but only because would recommend this plugin with or without compensation!

One thought on “Event Espresso: Event management and registration

  1. Thanks for posting this. If you hover over the blue plus sign on each of the license packages, you can see which add-ons are included in the packages.

    Jonathan Wilson
    Event Espresso Sales & Support

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