5 simple steps to getting more replies to your email

A brilliantly simple approach to better-crafted emails — i.e., emails that get replies — from Drake Baer via Fast Company:

As a working person in 2013, your emails are some of your most-produced products…. if you want to get your emails read, your message needs to be the opposite of vague — that is, it should be as clear, concise, and actionable as possible.

So how do we make our electronic missives so massively simple? Chances are that the point of action that you’re trying to share feels a little murky when you first click on “compose,” so as inspired by Pixar’s story-creating method, we previously devised a free-writing technique to get your message out of your head and sent to your recipient (and they can get back to you):

1. Start by writing what you think you are trying to say.

2. Discover that the first few lines are wholehearted hogwash.

3. Rejoice in your determination to write something well.

4. Keep typing; look for the conclusion when it appears.

5. THEN move that conclusion to the top of the message.

This is even more important for email marketing pieces and e-newsletters. But editing your own writing objectively is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

I can help with that!   🙂


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