Is your website mobile-ready?

Smart phones are already outselling desktops. Tablet sales may soon overtake laptop sales. Websites are being viewed on a wider variety of screen sizes than ever before, and that situation isn’t going away any time soon.

Is your website ready? It is if it’s responsive. That simply means that the code behind the design will recognize and adapt (or “respond”) to the device it’s being viewed on, whether a desktop mega-monitor, an iPad, or a smart phone.

What a responsive theme looks like on different devices

It’s easy to tell whether your site’s responsive, even if you don’t have a smart phone or notepad. Minimize your browser window; grab it on the right edge and drag it left, to about the width of a notepad. Drag it some more to the width of a smart phone. (Try it right now on this page; it’s responsive.)

When you try it on your site, is the navigation still visible? Do the major elements rearrange themselves to fit the resized window? If so, good news! Your website is “responsive” – i.e., mobile-friendly.

If not, you’re stuck in 2010.

And I can help with that.


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