Finding and sizing images for your blog or website

Images make webpages and blog posts more interesting, and they’re absolutely essential if you want your content shared to image-focused social media sites like Pinterest. They’ll get your shares more noticed on other sites like Facebook and Twitter, too.

But where to find good images, and how should you size them? I’ve put together three short videos to help you get started!

Image sources

There are lots of great resources for free and cheap images; here are three of my favorites: Pixabay, Unsplash, and Creative Market, and the pros and cons of each.




Creative Market

(Note: I get a small credit at Creative Market when you purchase through this link. Thanks for your support!)


Determining what size your image should be

Sizing your images is important! Too small, and they’ll look jagged and fuzzy. Too big, and they’ll slow down your page load time. Here’s how to determine the pixel width your image should be, based on your website’s theme template.


piliapp – measure webpage elements


Cropping and sizing your image

I like PicMonkey better than Canva for this, because not only is it super-simple to use, but you can control the image quality, allowing you to create smaller, faster-loading files.




Have other image-related questions? Ask me!

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