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starting a blog - the basics

Starting a blog: the basics

I hope to eventually create my own tutorial, but today I discovered a fantastic resource that has tons of useful information for beginning bloggers – Amy Lynn Andrews. But she has SO much info it can be overwhelming, so rather than make you wait for my future course or wade through all of hers, I’ve curated her most basic, most pertinent information right here.

18 Tips for New Bloggers – Lots of reassurance and encouragement as you wade into this new world

How to Find (or Re-find) Your Passion – Great questions to help you explore what you care about enough to blog about long-term

How to Choose a Domain Name – And one place you can do so. (You might also refer to my post, Where should I register my domain?)

How to Start a Blog – VERY thorough; includes how to set up a self-hosted WordPress site.

The Trouble With Blogging – On comparing yourself against others

Hope you find this helpful! As always, please contact me with any questions you’d like to see answered here. Or if you’re ready for someone else to do the heavy lifting, request a free, no-obligation price list! 🙂


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WordPress.com vs. Blogger


If you want to go with free hosting and the quickest, easiest start to blogging, your two best options are Blogger and WordPress.com. Here are the main differences between a Blogger site and a WordPress.com site:

  WordPress.com   Blogger
Ads/selling: Can sell ads on your site, using Google AdSense no yes
  Can sell ad spots on your site, direct to advertiser yes, w/ limits yes
  Can sell paid or sponsored posts or content no yes
  Ad-free (ads that you don’t sell or control) for fee: $30/year yes
Design: Number of free templates available > 150 7
Design items you can alter on free template 2 to several* dozens
Number of premium templates available > 80 not available
Design items you can alter on premium template 2 to several* not available
Mobile: Built-in iPhone version yes yes
  Built-in Android smart phone version depends on theme yes
Built-in notepad version depends on theme no
Other: Built-in form maker yes no
* On WP.com, different themes offer different options which can be easily edited without code. All themes let you change the header image. Most themes let you change the link color and one or two other items. All themes are open to limitless design options for a $30/year fee.
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