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web design, Wichita KS - Trinity Academy

Website design: Trinity Academy

I first began working with Trinity Academy in 2007, when we built a new, custom website from the ground up, including site structure and information architecture.

Then, they came back to me in 2013 and said, “The site structure still works, but we need to update the look.” And I agreed. (Things change so fast on the web, most websites need a design refresh every few/several years.)

Over the course of the next several months, we built them a new WordPress-based website, designed with future expansions in mind. And those were recently installed: Trinity Academy — formerly just a high school — opened a K-8 school this year, so a whole new section was added for that; an in-site online shop was also added, allowing them to sell fundraising auction items now, and school gear in the future. Oh, and we also added online giving, using Give. Which is a great little app that lets you collect online donations without taking a cut!* 

Contact me if you want more info.

*You will still need to pay PalPay or your merchant account, of course.


Web design: Premier Fitness



Premier Fitness is a personal training center in Wichita. I was especially excited to design this website for them because I’m a happy client of theirs!

Check out the Premier Fitness website. And seriously: if you need to get in shape, lose some weight, or just improve your fitness, and you live in the Wichita area, contact them!


web design: lighthouse music

New website: Lighthouse Music Services

A website I designed went live this week: Lighthouse Music Services. The design included a freshening of the existing logo, as well as a reorganization of the site map, making it more user friendly.

At the end, my client emailed me and said, “I’m entirely happy… Enjoyed the process!” That’s what I like to hear!

See the Lighthouse Music Service website.

Read more client feedback.

“How can I increase traffic to my website?” (This may be the wrong question to ask.)

website traffic cop

Let me say up-front that I’m not claiming to be an SEO expert. What follows is my personal opinion, based on what I’ve researched and observed on the web since about 2003.

Site traffic is important for websites which sell products, and critical for site owners who make their income off of advertising sold on their site.

For the average professional who provides a service, however, I believe that, “How can I increase traffic on my website?” is the wrong question to ask.

The vast majority of clients who visit your website do so because they already know about you — either having personally met you, or having been referred by a mutual contact. Therefore, the most important question you can ask about your website is, “How can I get site visitors to contact me once they’ve hit my site?

This is best achieved by:

  1. having a professional-looking site;
  2. making sure the personality or emotional feel of your site is a positive experience for them;
  3. making the information they’re after easy to find;
  4. seamlessly introducing them to info they didn’t know they needed but which tip their choice in your favor (if that is the case);
  5. making it really easy for them to find your “Contact us” buttons and/or links. (But not to the point of being obnoxious.)

There are firms who specialize in SEO, who really know what they’re doing and can help you successfully wade through the complexity of SEO factors. However, most web-design-hosting-package providers who tout their SEO services tend to focus on:

  • meta-tags, which are really just not that important; and
  • submitting your website to Yahoo!, Google, etc., which you can do yourself. OR just wait for it to happen, since search engines are constantly crawling the web and will find new sites within a few months, at most.

The MAJOR factor in a website’s ranking is relevant content. That is, are there appropriate keywords in there (making up no more than 5-10% of the page’s content), and can people find the kind of information they’re looking for?

And lastly, I believe that one of the other major factors that weighs search engine ranking is the age of the domain. That’s one thing you can’t fake.

Hope this helps!

Blackbear Bosin Legacy Project website

Bosin website home

Just launched another new website — the second this week! The Blackbear Bosin Legacy Project just announced the publication of their first project, a book titled Blackbear Bosin: Keeper of the Indian Spirit. This website provides info about the book, online ordering, and a timeline of the artist’s life and career.

See the website.

New WordPress theme: Yoko

WordPress theme Yoko

Post formats: Aside, Gallery, Link, Video, Image, and Quote
Two sidebars/widget areas available
Two custom menus available; one appears above the header (default), one below.
Custom link color, background color (or image) and header. The height of the header is changeable.
Font(s): Sans serif very similar to Tahoma, with a few touches of an italic serif here and there.

There’s a demo site here.

New WordPress theme: Mixfolio

WordPress theme Mixfolio

Built to work well as a portfolio site.

Home page options include a featured image carousel, a welcome message area, a tweet feed, and a prominent “Contact” button.

2 custom menus available.

Post Format Support: image, gallery, link, quote, and video.

Font(s): Helvetica