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WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

If you prefer the infinite theme variations available through WordPress vs. the design limitations of Blogger, you still need to decide between WordPress’s “.com” version and “.org” version. While these two options share a common platform and many similarities in the way the admin interface works, there are some important differences.

The main difference is that the “.com” version is hosted for free by WordPress, and requires no set up or installation on your part, while the “.org” version must be installed on a different host, which you choose and pay for.

There are also differences in advertising rules, security and mobile friendliness. Read on…

  WordPress.com   WordPress.org
Hosting: Will gain some traffic just from hosting there yes no
Ads/selling: Can sell ads on your site, using Google AdSense no yes
  Can sell ad spots on your site, direct to advertiser yes, w/ limits yes
  Can sell your own items on your site w/ PayPal yes; PayPal or your own merchant account
  Can sell paid or sponsored posts or content no yes
  Ad-free (ads that you don’t sell or control) for fee: $30/year yes
Design: Number of free templates available > 150 thousands
Number of premium templates available > 80 thousands
Design items you can alter on templates 2 to several* any, w/ add’l coding
Extensibility: Options available widgets only; no plug-ins widgets + 1000′s of plug-ins
Mobile: Built-in iPhone version yes depends on theme
Security: Responsible for security against hacking WordPress.com you
  Responsible for backups, installations & upgrades WordPress.com you

* On WP.com, different themes offer different options which can be easily edited without code. All themes let you change the header image. Most themes let you change the link color and one or two other items. All themes are open to limitless design options for a $30/year fee.

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10 — nay, 17 — nifty things you can do in WordPress

As I’ve been learning WordPress, I’ve begun amassing a collection of how-to’s. I just created a new page where I’ll be posting those, for my future reference — and yours! I’ve got 10 11 17 things posted so far; I’m sure there will be more to come. Check it out!